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Ready made curtains
Accessories for curtains
Сheap cotton goods
Upholstery fabric (Furniture upholstery)
Blankets and plaids
Sets for bedroom
Decorative pillowcases
Night shirts
Underwear for women
Underwear for men
Material for bedspreads
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Roller blinds
Roller blinds
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Our shop’s scope of activity is offtake for houseproud and beauty of your house.


You can find wide range of following goods:

Blind textile

Curtain lace

Upholstery fabric (furniture textile)

Cheap cotton goods



Accessory for blinds




Blankets, guilt, plaids



Completes set of counterpanes

Decorative pillowcases

Dressing gowns



Underclothes for women

Underwear for men


You can buy also gift cards in the amount of 10 Ls, 15 Ls, 20 Ls, 25 Ls, 30 Ls, 34 Ls, 40 Ls, 45 Ls  and 50 Ls in our shops, which You can realize in any of our shop. Gladden Your family and friends!



- Windows’ design

Window’s design long ago cased to be boring trade, limited only with curtains’ hanging over simple tulle. Window’s design - is special mastery, may be said art. In every individual case against kind of premises, its functional mining, decorated window has to accordingly blend with style of interior, it has to harmonize with it. Attractively designed window will make the special thrill, which will bring vivacity in even the most boring variant of interior. The broad range of textiles, blinds, tulles, light curtains is presented in our e-shop. Combining them with one or another way You could gain the most unexpended and, generally, unique decisions.  

· House call by the designer

Jekaterina +371  29377173

The individual designer’s approach guarantees the realization of the most spirited ideas and wishes of window’s design. The designer, gotten in house, will help You to reach amazing results searching harmony and style. Choosing needed materials, color decisions and modeling the variant of design of Your window, the designer will make measurements and will execute Your offer in a short space of time, as brief as possible


· Consultation (Jekaterina +371 29377173 )

During consultations everyone cans promptly decide stirring questions, connected with windows’ design, as well as connected with goods, offered for sale, its quality, range of colors, production and other.  In regard to consultation about design of windows You can receive detailed answer on followings questions:

  • textile in interior, tendency of fashion and kinds of blinds;
  • kinds and peculiarity of curtain textile;
  • rules of measurement’s making;
  • calculating of textile and applied materials;
  • peculiarity of technical treatment and tailoring of blinds.


· Tailoring

We are glad to offer You services of cutting of textile and tailoring of blinds, tablecloths, bedclothes, coverlets and decorative pillowcases.

Work of quality specialists and modern technologies allow producing of blinds, decorative pillows, tablecloths and other articles of interior, which are expected on the most exacting client. We are ready to execute the offer of any kind of complication.

Utmost carefulness and execution of offers in term are integral part of our work, but broad experience serves as unquestionable guarantee of quality. 


P.S.: Thanks for visiting of our e-shop. At that moment there are no all goods from assortment, which is available in our shops, in the e-shop. But every week we will expand the assortment. We will appreciate if You inform us what is interesting for You firstly. 


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